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Paint the planet was started with the goal of being able to bring color to the community via fine arts while providing artist the opportunity to use their skills to be of service to the community. Paint the Planet is made up of Artists, Sponsors and volunteers who have all made a choice to take action in creating a more colorful world for us to enjoy.

Mission Statement

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1st monday council meetings every month to discuss the distribution of funds and how to optimize resources to benefit the community and brighten the world we live in.

We are men and women who want to live in a more colorful world and have decided to do somthing about it.

Donate today and receive your Paint the POlanet Sponsor Badge to use on your website and social media.
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We work together to bring art and culture to the community. We teach and we create opportunities to create art for the community via local artists and raise funds with the mindset of painting the planet

We are always accepting new members. Everyone is welcome and anyone can make a difference. Join as an Artist, Volunteer, sponsor or all three.

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