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Most Popular Services and products

  Visual Fine Art

⦁ Hand Painted by Ed Mestyanek: WALL MURALS. ___________________$20-$40/sq ft

⦁ Window Art:  - PERMANENT WINDOW FUSION:_______________________$15-$30/sq ft

              -TEMPORARY/ SEASONAL WINDOW PAINT_____________$5-$10/sq ft


⦁ Custom, hand painted on canvas: CANVAS ART_____________starting at $150 price TBD

⦁ PORTRAITURE ON CANVAS IN PAINT_________________________Starting $200.00+

   Paper in charcoal or pastel_____________________Starting at $100+

                                        Paper in Artist graphite and pen________________Starting at $50

 Graphic Art / Digital Design

⦁ Copy rightable BRAND / LOGO Creation_______________________________$200+

⦁ Logo and copyright________________________________________________$500+

⦁ Photo Enhancement_______________________________________________$50.00+

⦁ Video Enhancement with audio filters_________________________________$200+

⦁ Card design_______________________________________________________$30+

⦁ Flyers for online use (Includes animation)______________________________ $50

⦁ FLyers for offline printing____________________________________________$30+

⦁ Concept design___________________________________________________$100+

⦁ Architectural Renderings_________________________________________$100+


 Creative Marketing

⦁ Market Planning________________________________________________________$100

⦁ Website promotion Basic___________________(6mo,12mo and 24mo contracts) $200/mo

⦁ Business Promotion offline and online _____________________________________ $300


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